Bliss in a bottle

I don’t know about you, but I’m not mad about overpowering perfume. It’s much better to be a “vision of elegance, fragrance and radiance”, as the judge once hilariously said to the politician’s wife. With Clarins treatment fragrances you can be just that. Best of all, you don’t have to be married to Lord Archer while you’re at it!

I honestly adore these little scent sprays – they’re pure genius! Not only do they smell deliciously light and fresh, they’re also packed with the therapeutic goodness of plant extracts and essential oils, so they’re good for your skin and your mood, too. 

The other reason I use them all the time is that, unlike aromatherapy oils, they’re totally non-greasy. Just spray on after your shower and you can get dressed immediately.

There are three main fragrances, although Clarins sometimes bring out special editions – so look out for them. Each one comes with a matching shower wash and body lotion, and because the fragrances are light and subtle, this is the perfect way to layer the scent.

Eau Dynamisante

Clarins original treatment fragrance came out when I was a slip of a girl in 1987. I used to work with an art director who wore it every single day – luckily I loved it! Today it smells just as good as I remember. With essential oils of lemon, patchouli, petitgrain and ginseng, it’s spicy, invigorating, firming and toning. The perfect morning tonic!

Eau Ressourçante

This is a woody floral, good for calming and clearing the mind. Although it has relaxing properties, I’m quite happy using it in the morning. It contains a beautiful mix of essential oils, including basil, iris, cedarwood and sarsaparilla. I tend to sway towards this one just because I adore the blue bottle – it’s my favourite bathroom colour!

Eau des Jardins

This is another floral, sweeter and slightly sparkling. It also contains extracts of beech and blackcurrant to moisturise your skin. Like a glass of fizz in a scented summer garden. Absolutely divine!