Feeling the love for over 25 years

These days, natural, organic, cruelty free skincare is practically taking over the planet. Which is great news for those of us who live on it.

But listen, people – did you know Dr Rudolph Hauschka was doing it way back in 1967? He was one of the originals and I think still one of the best.

I’ve been mad about Doc H (as I affectionately call him) for over 25 years. And during all those years I’ve never been without a tube of Revitalising Mask.

From the moment you take off the lid, it’s bliss! The colour is a beautiful pale green, with a light and creamy consistency. The scent is heavenly – like all the nicest natural skincare it smells good enough to eat.

What’s truly miraculous is how it works wonders for every different skin type and problem. Extracts of quince, chamomile and Anthyllis Vulneraria (meaning ‘wound healer’ – say no more) clarify, refresh and soothe blemishes, redness, sunburn etc. Jojoba, wheatgerm and apricot oils nourish and soften dry, mature and irritated skin.

Over the years I’ve had all these skin concerns and more, and like the best kind of friend Revitalising Mask is always there to help. I’ll be feeling the love for the next 25 years – at least!