Facial Rejuvenation Treatments

hands facing upwardsFacial Rejuvenation (sometimes called the Natural Facelift Massage) is a holistic beauty treatment based on traditional Ayurvedic techniques.

This highly relaxing and effective treatment is unlike any other.

It helps to ‘untangle’ the collagen and elastin fibres that make up most of the skin. This releases tension and habitual expressions, softening lines and wrinkles.

It also tones, lifts and re-educates the facial muscles. So your face looks smoother, firmer, with more youthful contours.

Facial Rejuvenation stimulates the blood circulation and boosts the flow of lymph. This brings fresh oxygen and removes waste, reducing puffiness and increasing that sought after facial glow.

Last but not least, the treatment is highly soothing for the nervous system – some clients find it as relaxing as a full body massage, and most doze blissfully throughout the whole thing!

Try one treatment a week for six weeks to kickstart your facial rejuvenation. Followed by one every four to six weeks to keep up the good work.