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Bathing Beauties

At the moment we’re in Lockdown 2.0 for four long weeks – and I’ll probably spend about two of them in the bath! Adding natural products can make your bath a real health and beauty ritual. They can soften the …

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Bliss in a bottle

I don’t know about you, but I’m not mad about overpowering perfume. It’s much better to be a “vision of elegance, fragrance and radiance”, as the judge once hilariously said to the politician’s wife. With Clarins treatment fragrances you can …

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Fresh flowery classic

Neal’s Yard is a British brand I’ve loved since they first opened in 1981. In those dark Dickensian days, natural organic skincare was hard to find, so they were like a shining beacon of light in London’s Covent Garden. They’ve …

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The miracle of aromatherapy

For thousands of years, humans have harnessed the power of plants, herbs and flowers for health and wellbeing. It’s believed the Ancient Egyptians invented the first distillation machine to extract essential oils. They used cedarwood, clove, cinnamon and frankincense to …

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